Yr1 taking part in the multi-skills competition!


In RE this week, Yr1 were role-playing the arrival of a special guest!


Yeah 2 taking NSPCC Number day to the next level!


Exploring colour mixing in the Nursery


Using phonics to spell words in Reception class


Colour mixing in Year 3 Art lesson


Exciting learning in the Nursery


Investigating with magnets in Reception class


Year 1 using ‘fingers’ to help calculate subtractions


Even Super Heroes make notes!


Thank you Year 6 for being responsible citizens


Year 4 investigating and measuring how far they can hear the drumming


Responsible Citizens/Peckham Citizens


Year 5 are really enjoying their 1:1 Mandarin sessions!


Parent drop-in session for maths, in nursery.


Year 4 Kung Fu workshop to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year


Year 1 are checking out Piet Mondrian’s work, before heading back to Peckham to paint their own.


A wonderful day with Lord Harris at Westminster Abbey


Year 4 learning the violin thanks to Southwark Music Trust!


Thank you for all your generous donations. You have made Christmas very special for HPAPP for the gift bags, for the Christmas Lunch for food packages, Lord Harris and friends for the new coats. 🍀

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Please click here to read our Reading Hand Book

Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park

English Summary of Intent

English Lessons (including SPAG)

Intent: introduction, vision and philosophy

The purpose of this document is to clarify the how, why and what of English teaching at Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park. This is to be used by staff to clarify expectations, highlight the resources that we have access to, and to ensure that a high-quality English curriculum is being taught to all pupils in our academy. At Peckham Park, we want to develop our pupils’ spoken language, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary so that they can speak clearly, convey their ideas fluently and confidently and to ask questions. We are passionate that our pupils develop a love of reading and can take part in high-quality discussions about a range of texts; the texts that we have chosen for each class have been pitched at a higher level than their age group. At Peckham Park, we encourage pupils to express their ideas, exchange ideas respectfully and develop more sophisticated vocabulary.

Implementation: what does English look like at HPAPP?

English in the Early Years Foundation Stage

The children within our early years learn through a range of play-based opportunities as well as adult led and independent activities. In Reception, there are daily whole class teaching carpet sessions that include handwriting, phonics and literacy. We use high-quality texts to support our teaching of English plan half termly units that we feel will inspire the children's curiosity, understanding and development.

In the EYFS, children will begin to recognise print in their environment and start to understand that this is one way of communicating with one another. It is vital that children understand that print carries meaning and that they are able to engage with this essential element of communication and the high importance it holds. We actively promote the importance of reading and writing which is done through stories, songs, poems, mark making in a writing in a variety of different context and for different purposes using a wide range of media. Throughout all classes there is a book corner and areas that promote active mark making and writing, as well as a phonics area, which the children are encouraged to use to support their independent learning.

English in Key Stage 1 and 2

At Harris Peckham Park, for Key Stage 1 and 2, we teach Reading and Writing using one or two high-quality texts per half term which has been selected with support from ‘The Literacy Tree’. ‘The Literacy Tree’ are a Southwark based organisation who support schools by curating a rich and vibrant canon of books that reflect the ‘Southwark’ child – our children. Each half term, our children are exposed to Fiction, Non-Fiction and poetry. Alongside the texts, ‘The Literacy Tree’ provide planning and resources that the school then adapt to the needs of our children.

Below is an overview of the Reading texts taught at HPAPP.


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