Beautiful dining room and table manners- chosen for the Special Table


Thank you Lord Harris and friends for your generosity and helping to make Christmas more magical than ever, at HPAPP


Look who came to see us at Peckham Park today! What a lovely surprise! Thank you Lord Harris for all that you do for our schools and families


A very happy school. Thank you Wishmas!




We’ve arrived!


On the bus to Wishmas!


Our Menu Boards explain what our children are learning through play in the Early Years


Snow has arrived in the Nursery!


We’re keeping warm with some hopscotch and ‘porridge’ in Reception’s garden today.


In nursery, we have been very busy creating a nocturnal animal. Can you guess the animal?


Reception children making healthy food choices


Our ‘hot’ breakfast club


Thank you to The Caring Family Foundation for the food donations.


Year 6 practical math lesson on converting units of measure


E-Safety workshop for parents and carers- keeping children safe online


Look at all the exciting things to play with and learn in our beautiful Nursery- we have spaces- come and see us! 😊


Whole Body Listening, Smart Sitting from Year 6 to Nursery


Number line in class and in the playground


Getting creative in Reception class in the style of Mondrian

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Our curriculum has been designed to ensure comprehensive coverage of the National Curriulum. In fact, due to our careful sequencing we are able to exceed these expectations in each of our subjects.  We use the National Curriculum as a starting point rather than a limit to what we cover in each subject. We have worked with our partner schools across the Federation, and our cephoto 26 (5)ntral team of subject experts, to build our own curriculum. We build on the work of external experts for our phonics, reading and mathematics teaching. All other subjects are taught using our in house plans and progression. Each subject is taught discretely and weekly to support children in remembering the key knoweldge and skills they need to fulfil our intent.

Reading is at the heart of everything we do at Peckham Park, as we recognise that excellent reading skills unlock the possibiities of the rest of the curriculum for our children. We have specialist teaching for science and PE and work with the British Council to deliver our Mandarin teaching, which starts in Reception rather than in Year 3- an example of how we are able to exceed the standard expectations of learning in a primary school. We are clear that the start of the curriculum journey for each subject begins in EYFS, so whilst still following the EYFS framework, the foundations of each subject are carefully sequenced in Reception.

We have a mastery mindset for every subject- meaning we have the same high expectations for every child- scaffolding and supporting the least able to enable them to meet each objective. For us, mastery means that children are able to articulate their learning, make links between knowledge they have learnt in different subjects and remember the key knowledge and skills required to be a master in each subject. At HPAPP mastery also means deepening children's knowledge and understanding rather than accelerating them through the curriculum. For example, our most able mathematicians won't ever move on to the maths that is expected of the next year group, instead they will develop a deeper understanding of the current year groups objectives. This is a decision we have made as we approach our curriculum as a narrative model. The analogy we use is this - you can't understand chapter 5 of a book if you haven't already read chapters 1 - 4. As such, the deeper the understanding of Year 4 maths objectives we can give our children, the better prepared they will be for the demands of the Year 5 maths objectives. We apply this model to every subject in the curriculum. 

We have developed a range of strategies that we use across all of our curriculum subejcts that help us to ensure that chidren know more and remember more as they move through our curriculum.

We look forward to offering you the opportunity to talk to our children about their learning when you come to visit us on an open morning.

SMSC and British values are thread throughout our curriculum so that they become an integral part of our curriuculum planning and implementation.

Please click here to find out more about our Foundation Curriuculum  


Blended Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic drove our school to teach online, both synchronously or asynchronously (live or recorded). New and challenging situations forced our teachers to examine their pedagogies and provided the chance to evaluate what was actually working  (or not) in the classroom. These experiences, although largely unplanned, revealed exciting new possibilities for blended learning.

It is our duty to preserve, embed and enrich the tools and techniques that we discovered during lockdowns, and to integrate them into a more powerful and empowering provision for our children. We use blended learning to further embed our values and character.


This workbook presents a half-termly CPD cycle that runs in parallel to our PD training. It sets out why we infuse blended 
learning into our teaching and learning; the sequence of professional learning that we follow to do so and the intended 
outcomes that result.

Click here to read our Blended Workbook

We believe that blended learning enables us to deliver a rigorous, challenging and appropriate curriculum in order to best prepare all our children for their futures.